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  • R E J U V E N A T I O N + PortlandFlea! Come hang with us and sip some Mizuba Matcha the LAST Sunday of every month at Rejuvenation, 11 am - 4pm. You'll find us among some of Portland's finest local makers for a pop-up market! 
  • No more events on the calendar at the moment... check back soon! If you'd like us at your soirée, party, boutique shop, pop-up shop, backyard picnic...e-mail us at info@mizubatea.com (Currently serving live in Oregon & California). 

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Mizuba and Mattole Valley Naturals || Matcha Whey Protein Powder

February 24, 2015

Because there are so many ways to enjoy Mizuba, we thought we'd take the time to introduce our fans to our friends who take Mizuba Matcha to the next level! So meet MATTOLE VALLEY NATURALS - they've been Mizuba enthusiasts since the very beginning, and we couldn't be more honored to work with this company and their vision to bring you the one and only Mizuba Matcha Whey Protein Powder.   We work with Mattole because there is only one way we'd enjoy protein powder: clean, non-denatured, GMO-free, biologically active, grass-fed, probiotic, no-filler...did we mention delicious yet? Yes. Delicious. Filled with Mizuba Matcha, it basically tastes like the best vanilla-matcha milkshake you could want every morning. Mattole's partnership with Mizuba means you get...

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Mizuba & The French Press

August 23, 2014

Here's a homecoming:  We are so proud to announce that you can find our Matcha at both of The French Press’ locations in Santa Barbara!  Back when Mizuba first launched, we would spend hours upon hours sitting at The French Press, fielding online orders, putting final touches on our logo design, drafting blog posts, and hanging out with friends. Ever since those early days, and throughout this past year, the team behind The French Press & Castle Coffee Roasters has supplied us with nothing but the best coffee, the most incredible support, and total enthusiasm for Mizuba's Matcha and mission.  The French Press is the kind of place that you miss when you travel out of town. It’s one of those coffee shops whose...

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