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Mizuba Events Calendar
  • Portland Night Market strikes once again! Over 11,000 attendees came, and we're expecting an even bigger party this time around. Come grab your matcha for your sweetie Feb 12th & 13th, 4-11 PM. More details at PNMARKET
  • R E J U V E N A T I O N + PortlandFlea! Come hang with us and sip some Mizuba Matcha the LAST Sunday of every month at Rejuvenation, 11 am - 4pm. You'll find us among some of Portland's finest local makers for a pop-up market! 
  • No more events on the calendar at the moment... check back soon! If you'd like us at your soirée, party, boutique shop, pop-up shop, backyard picnic...e-mail us at info@mizubatea.com (Currently serving live in Oregon & California). 

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Meet Mizuba's Community: Mint and Mirth Guest Post!

January 06, 2016

Portland is a world of fun - especially when our friends are absolute masters at crafting wildly fun cocktails. Enter Mint and Mirth - "Traveling Bartenders for the World's Best Parties." Well, sign us up. Check out our little twist on a tea party!  We used our Culinary Organic Matcha to make these delicious concoctions. Our Favorite Matcha Green Tea Cocktails We've been wanting to experiment with matcha green tea cocktails for a while, and our friend Lauren just so happens to own a matcha company called Mizuba Tea Company. She also collaborated with one of our favorite salt companies to make an insanely yummy Matcha Sea Salt. We invited her over for some recipe development and had a lovely night sampling multiple...

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Meet Mizuba's Community: Nibs & Greens

October 15, 2015

 Mizuba was born out of relationships made over cups of tea. We could not imagine where we’d be without our amazing, talented, and innovative friends who amplify our tea into treats, lattes, salts, ice cream, marshmallows…goodness, if you can dream something in Matcha, we’ll find the people who can make it happen.  And we want to introduce you to them!                                  Nibs & Greens Reya and Hallie know that life is a balance. We're all tempted by indulgences, but what if those indulgences didn't have to be a temptation? Thus began Nibs and Greens - the vision for people to feel good about a "mindful indulgence"...

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