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Mizuba Events Calendar
  • BULL IN CHINA: Mizuba will be hanging with these wonderful curators of fine barware. Come sip pure matcha, learn matcha mixology, and find all you'd need for the perfect matcha green tea cocktail! FRIDAY APRIL 29th, 4-6pm. 
  • LOCALE MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND: come hang at Portland's sweetest little coffee shop. We'll be demoing traditional matcha preparation, and sipping the perfect matcha latte! Tea time with mom was never so hip. SATURDAY MAY 7th, 2-4pm. 
  • Portland Night Market strikes once again! Over 16,000 attendees came, and we're expecting an even bigger party this time around. Come grab your matcha this MAY 20th & 21st, 4-11 PM. More details at PNMARKET
  • Jacobsen's + PortlandFlea! Come hang with us and sip some Mizuba Matcha the LAST Sunday of every month at Jacobsen's Salt Co, 11 am - 4pm. You'll find us among some of Portland's finest local makers for a pop-up market! 
  • No more events on the calendar at the moment... check back soon! If you'd like us at your soirée, party, boutique shop, pop-up shop, backyard picnic...e-mail us at info@mizubatea.com (Currently serving live in Oregon & California). 

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A Taste of The Tropics: Mizuba Matcha Kiwi Cake in Hawaii

April 25, 2016

Dreaming of a tropical beach, somewhere far away? The wind in your hair, and all the exotic fruit at your hands to munch on? Us too. We’re fortunate enough to have lots of childhood memories of Poipuu beach and Waimanalo in Hawaii to rely on (haupia pudding smeared all over our faces, a can of Hawaiian Sun not far at hand...). So when we need to slow down with a sweet slice of relaxation, we immediately think of lazing in the sunshine with a large slice of MIZUBA MATCHA KIWI CAKE.  This special Mizuba Matcha cake is brought to us by Mizuba Matcha loving sisters Oda, Tara and Nicole. Using Tara’s divinely fluffy vanilla cake recipe, Nicole brought pure Mizuba...

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About Wolf Ceramics

March 11, 2016

Photo by Matthew Thornton  With the launch of our beautiful new chawan line, we thought we'd introduce you to the wonderful artist behind them. Meet Sarah Wolf, of Wolf Ceramics, and enjoy her life and musings behind each artful tea bowl. Tea bowls. How do they speak to you? Wolf: I love making tea bowls. They’re attractive to me both because of their aesthetic, and because of the experience of drinking from them. The aesthetic attraction comes from having a beautiful bowl shape that's elevated by a small and delicate foot. The elevated foot makes the bowl and its contents seem precious in some way. The most intuitive way to drink from a tea bowl is to cradle it between both hands....

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