“I can’t imagine a moment without Matcha. It’s been there for me at my breakfast table to start the day, sure. But I’ve also had my moments to stop and take tea hiking boulders, sitting at traffic lights in my car, rejuvenating after a yoga class, or sipping under the stars on the beach. Tea time is all the time.”
– Lauren Danson, CEO || Mizuba Tea Co.

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Direct from Uji, Kyoto || Mizuba at the Source

May 29, 2014

Meet Hayashi san: Mizuba's number one reason why we can provide you with the such high quality Matcha. While we left Japan a week ago to fly back to beautiful Santa Barbara, we're already reminiscing about our fantastic day on the ground where Mizuba all begins.  On the morning of May 15th, Mr. Hayashi san drove out to meet us at our quaint mountain ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) on the outskirts of Kyoto. We were absolutely beaming with excitement because we were going to head out to Uji, the birthplace of Japanese green tea as well as the birthplace of Mizuba Tea Co. Before we even knew how famous the region was for its quality, we were inspired by the small, close-knit community...

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Heart Melting Matcha Ice Cream || Mizuba Tea Co. + Bi-Rite Creamery

May 27, 2014

If you've been following Mizuba's journey over the past ten months, you know that we love to collaborate with high-quality culinary institutions to create new Matcha tea treats! We love making friends with stellar food innovators whose product offerings mesh perfectly with the distinct flavor profile of our Mizuba Matcha. Our latest partnership is one that is very close to our hearts, in a city that we fall more in love with every time we visit... It brings us great pleasure to announce that you can now get Mizuba Ice Cream in Bi-Rite Markets in San Francisco! It's a partnership that has been in the works for a while, and we are thrilled that the final product is now being served in...

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