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“I can’t imagine a moment without Matcha. It’s been there for me at my breakfast table to start the day, sure. But I’ve also had my moments to stop and take tea hiking boulders, sitting at traffic lights in my car, rejuvenating after a yoga class, or sipping under the stars on the beach. Tea time is all the time.”

– Lauren Danson, Tea Aficionado and Founder of Mizuba Tea Co.

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Naturally, it’s Chlorophyll: Why Matcha is So Green.

April 04, 2014

Chlrophyll: Greek, “chloros”  green + “phyllon,”  leaf.  “Is this real?”          ... Is a question you might hear when someone sees Matcha’s super green color. If you lived the ‘90s, then you might expect the tea’s hue to be a result of chemical enhancement (please tell me you all remember Flubber). But thankfully, Matcha lives up to its name as a very green tea thanks to one of nature’s more awesome functions – chlorophyll – a completely natural, beneficial nutritional pigment.             Chlorophyll is a catalyst for photosynthesis, helping plants absorb light for energy. Consider chlorophyll the green blood of Matcha tea – it keeps things moving along, just like blood in our own system. Interestingly enough, 1930...

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The Art of Preparation

September 23, 2013

So you’ve just received your very first tin of Matcha green tea. You carefully open the sealed pouch inside, and whiff—a cloud of fine green dust floats to meet your nose. You get a hint of the tea’s fresh, earthy aroma. It's been said that Earth without art is just ‘eh,’ (think about it for a second), so you want to approach preparing your Matcha with an artful understanding. There are several ways to prepare Matcha: three main ways to drink your tea (two traditional styles and a “to-go” method) and countless contemporary variations ranging from café lattes and hot chocolate, to baking and cooking your tea into countless recipes (stay tuned!).  Check out our how-to videos or our Make...

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