Supporting Global Community Causes - with Your Cup of Mizuba

October 14, 2015

The Impact of Community

 Our world is changing - and with that, communities near and far are taking steps to change with it, for the better. Nearly every issue and development need that is found within our communities now has an NGO, community action group, or grassroots movement advocating on its behalf generating not only necessary change but also bringing these issues to the forefront of social discussions worldwide.  

Global Populace aims to raise the voices of these groups a little higher by not only supporting their causes, by helping to advocate for and spread the word about their successes and triumphs. By utilizing the passion and skills of Storytellers around the world - be it through videography, photography, or writing - Global Populace unites passion with cause by bringing together aspiring Storytellers and NGO’s around the world to work together.

This is where Mizuba Tea Co. and other like-minded, social brands come in to play: in order for the projects to get off the ground, each Storyteller needs a brand to help sponsor their trip are successfully raising a minimum of $3,000 for an organization. So our Brand Sponsors are not only supporting the dreams and socially-minded passions of Storytellers, but they are also ensuring impact through project directed fundraising and raising social awareness for causes that don’t always have the loudest voices on the international development stage.

And the results have the potential to be profound. In the case of Mizuba Tea Co, Global Populace connected Tim Dodd - an Iowa-based photographer and videographer - with a Children’s Home in Southern Myanmar that acts as a boarding school for children from the war-torn areas in the northern hill tribes. With the $3,000 that Tim fundraised from his own community, the Children’s Home was able to construct two new roofs and purchase two months worth of food for their center. And with Mizuba’s support, Tim was able to fly to Myanmar and document the building of these roofs and the lives of the kids at the center to create a beautifully composed video of the impact made.

 Yet the impact doesn’t end there. The footage and photographs created by Tim are then produced into media content that is given to the Children’s Home for outreach purposes as well as to Mizuba Tea Co. to help share the story with even more communities around the world. You can watch our video below! 

Sharing each other’s stories is essential if we hope to find new ways to move forward and work together in the process. And by supporting international community efforts, we in turn create a larger, more impactful global community. Cheers your cup of Mizuba Matcha to that. 

10% of all Matcha and Accessory sales from 10/14/2015 - 10/18/2015 will continue to be sent to Colorful Flowers Children's Home in Myanmar.

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