Culinary Organic Matcha

Can’t get enough of our green tea? Great, we can’t either!

 Here's our secret to every matcha dish: Mizuba Culinary Organic Matcha.


As a powder, matcha easily incorporates into countless recipes. If you’re looking for a twist on a classic cookie, muffin, cake, ice cream, pudding, oatmeal, smoothie, salad dressing, (practically anything) recipe, capture the heart of umami by infusing Matcha. Most culinary matcha you might find on the market is an excuse for lower quality or poorly stored matcha, but you'll find Mizuba is the go-to for fresh, strong, and delicious matcha for all your favorite recipes. 


Our tea’s beautifully verdant coloring will be a fresh and fun addition to your table (especially when the Matcha cocktails roll out). Check out our recipe blog for our favorite recipes. 


Pairs especially well with honey, milk and alternative milk, chocolate, jammy red fruits (strawberry, cherry, raspberry), all citrus, mint, lavender, coconut, anise, ginger, almond, and vanilla flavors.


Size: 100g Bag (50-75 servings)


*cupcake photo by Mizuba Friend, TootieBaker

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