About Mizuba Tea Co.
& Our Love of Matcha

Mizuba: Living Water

Every cup of tea accompanies a moment, and this is ours.


We're not about being a business.

We're about you, me, and the cups of tea in between.

We're about direct-trade: personally knowing our suppliers & tea farmers.

We're about giving back to where we came from, with a portion of our profits supporting our relationships in Japan.

We're about how the love of fine tea creates connectivity, culture, and community from source to cup.

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We're about purveying the most excellent matcha possible since 2013 - only the teas we choose, drink, and enjoy ourselves.

We're about purely being a single-ingredient, single-origin product.

We're about sourcing from our 100-year old family Matcha tea firm.

We're about sourcing from our JAS-certified organic tea farm.

We're about non-gmo, radiation-free, preservative-free, absolutely pure matcha tea. 

We're about committing to the region of Uji–recognized in Japan as the highest quality tea growing region, and as the birthplace of Japanese green tea.

Where your tea comes from




Passion & Calling

Lauren knows tea.

What she didn't know was that the tea gatherings she hosted twice a week in college, the journeys abroad she spent collecting tea, or the countless cups she drank and loved to share would lead her to Japan, and ultimately, to a true vocation. 

A frothy cup of Matcha in the community of Uji, Japan, revealed to her the depth of tea's complex and nuanced flavor profiles. What's more, the relationships she made over those cups of tea were just as wonderful as the quality of the tea itself.

The experience spurred Lauren toward a lifetime of seeking pure, seasonal teas, and fostered a dedication to studying Japanese tea cultivation, production, and culture. 

And she wants to share how delicious Matcha is with you.

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From our place of living water to yours.